Welcome to Funny Money Stickers

WELCOME TO Funny Money Stickers

Our goal is to make life more enjoyable

My name is Jim and I’m the inventor of Funny Money Stickers. The original idea for Funny Money Stickers came to me when I owned and operated a brick and mortar store in my hometown back in early 2005. A customer entered my store to make a purchase. When she came to the counter, I rang up her items and she handed me a $20.00 bill that had a hand drawn image of Santa Claus taped to the front over President Andrew Jackson’s face. The customer told me it was a gift from her dad. I place the bill into the register and she left. Later that night I was counting up the days receipts when I came across the decorated bill again. I stopped counting and took a good long look at the bill and that’s when I had my “A-HA” moment. I went home that evening, sat at my desk and started to work on an idea I had. After coming up with some different designs I showed it to a few close family and friends and they all seemed to really love what I later decided to call Funny Money Stickers. I made the decision to try to bring my product to the retail market on my own. After encountering numerous roadblocks and spending the majority of my savings, I decided to put my idea on the back burner and focus more on my family and my business, hoping to give it a second shot one day.

This is where my partner Steve comes into the picture. I met Steve when we were coworkers. Steve was a retired Wall Street businessman who also was an amazing dealmaker. One day after work Steve and I were having a conversation over drinks in my basement and I told him about my Funny Money Stickers. He loved the I concept and thought, as a team, we should make another go of it. After a few months of preparation, with a pandemic mixed in, we decided to start an internet web store. That’s when we made the decision to bring in Adam, who has also spent many years in financial services specializing in Information Technology, to help us bring the vision together through a state of the art website, and social media platform.

I am now confident we have the perfect team to make Funny Money Stickers a true success story. We presently have 8 different themes with many more on the way. Once you try them you’ll understand why everyone thinks Funny Money Stickers are a hilarious new way to change a plain cash gift into a unique personalized surprise!